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Tutorial on how Muslim men should beat their wives

A sociologist in Qatar by the name of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj posted a video online showing how Muslim men should beat their wives. As he explains:

‘First, we must understand that the man is the leader of the house. A leader has authorities, just like a company manager. ‘The leader of the house may decide to discipline the wife so life can move on. How does a husband beat his wife? He gives her a disciplinary beating out of love. He loves her.

‘Now, let’s see how Islam teaches how to beat your wife. Let’s imagine that Nayef here… Nayef is obviously a boy, but let’s imagine that he is the wife. How should a husband beat his wife?

‘First, he must admonish her – in other words, he should advise her. Then, he should refrain from sharing a bed with her. If all of this doesn’t help, we start the beating as a last resort.

‘This is a painless beating that does not leave bruises or cause bleeding. The beating I just gave Nayef is the true gentle beating in Islam.’

‘The Prophet Muhammad… Look how merciful Islam is. The Prophet forbade striking the face. He forbade men from beating their wives on the face.

‘Slapping the face, hitting the head, punching the nose – all of this is prohibited. The beating is for discipline.’

Al-Ansari says in the short video that he believes the beating should be light and painless and it should make the woman ‘feel her husband’s strength’.

Al-Ansari then demonstrated how to beat a wife on Nayef by slapping him on the shoulders, grabbing him and shaking him, and saying loudly: ‘I told you not to leave the house! How many times do I have to tell you?’

It’s important to understand that this “gentle beating” that he demonstrated in the video is nothing like what was originally intended hundreds of years ago when these rules were first written down. Times are changing and people living today who understand the barbarism that was involved many years ago, try to bend the rules and give them a more “modern” interpretation. That way they can still keep their faith and pretend to live by the rules, while being accepted by the rest of the world who would not tolerate the original barbaric intentions of those rules today.

This is a good example of how, over the course of hundreds of years, old rules and customs can evolve and change and are given different meanings.

For example, the original purpose of the hijab was to intensify female sexual suppression and repression by having women cover their entire body except for their face. It was mandatory for women to wear one (it still is in some countries), and not doing so could result in severe punishment, even to death. Consider that not too long ago, a teenage girl was murdered by her parents in front of her siblings for wearing a top that showed off her arms. Today many Muslim women living in the more “modern” and tolerant Islamic communities will claim that wearing a hijab is a “choice” and a form of fashion, not realizing it’s a symbol and tool of female oppression.

Another example is marriage. The origin of marriage thousands of years ago was female oppression and slavery; basically women were treated by their fathers as property and were sold to (or traded with) their new owners known today as “husbands.” I discuss this in lots more detail in my post Why getting married is a very bad idea.” But today society has romanticized the concept of marriage, and most women are brainwashed from early childhood to believe that it’s an ideal way of living their life, failing to realize that it results in their enslavement just like originally intended.

In the above video, the sociologist says that the prophet Muhammed forbade men from striking their wives’ faces, claiming that’s because of “how merciful Islam is.” However, consider the fact that the only part of a woman’s body that was visible in public was her face (when wearing a hijab), because women had to cover all of their body when going outside of the house. This is why men weren’t allowed to hit their wives in the face — people would notice the damage done to their faces in public. Since the rest of their bodies would be covered, injuries there would not be visible when going outside.


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