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The sexiest thing in the world is Being Smart

I came across the below quote from Ashton Kutcher today via Natural News:

The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful and being generous. Everything else is crap. I promise you.

These are words I’d never expect to hear from Ashton Kutcher. His message was probably lost on his audience, but he’s right. And of course, he would know. I suspect he speaks from experience, since he’s had a lot of beautiful women in his life, and may have discovered that beauty is only skin-deep. A beautiful man/woman without an interesting mind isn’t going to hold your interest very long and in fact becomes boring really fast. This is why I often tell young women not to worry too much about their looks; it’s more important to develop yourself intellectually and to become as independent as possible in life. And developing a good personality goes a long way as well. Like Kutcher says, being thoughtful and generous, but I would also add being kind/sweet (as opposed to mean) and honest.

Like many things in life a good balance works best. Personally I find myself being more interested in women that may not completely fit all the requirements of what society considers physically beautiful, but make up for that with their intellect and personality. As far as physical requirements go for me personally, I just look for a slim figure. For um… practical reasons. The rest is mostly personality. Kindness is important (I’m allergic to meanness), and honesty is most important (if you can’t be trusted you just don’t get close to me). And if she’s smart, she’ll have my attention, even with small boobs and/or a flat ass.

And I think that you’ll agree with me, if not now, then certainly later in life based on experience — just like Ashton Kutcher.


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