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The IRS is a criminal and terrorist organization

I was reading Larken Rose’s book titled “Kicking the Dragon” (which you can download for free) where he wrote about his experiences in dealing with the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS). At some point he has to appear in front of a grand jury to explain why he was refusing to pay income tax, and I wanted to share the following passage with you:

Each of the folders I gave [the grand jury] contained, in addition to the things mentioned before, a copy of a letter from Sherry Peel Jackson, CPA and former IRS Revenue Agent, which she had written to me for the express purpose of forwarding to the grand jury, to show that there are tax professionals who agree with my conclusions. Her letter began with her credentials, showing that she was a CPA, a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner), and a former IRS Revenue Agent who had received numerous awards, including one from the IRS Commissioner himself, for her work at the IRS.

She then described her own journey that brought her into the realm of unorthodox tax “theories,” eventually leading to the 861 evidence. Her 134 research eventually led her “to understand that the salaries and wages of most Americans is not taxable, and what is taxable is income from engaging in commerce with other countries.” Sound familiar? She stated that she was “very impressed” by my research, and the fact that even though I “do not even have a business degree,” I “tore the IRC [Internal Revenue Code] apart and logically made sense of that ‘mound of mass confusion’, ” adding that my “efforts to show the correct and logical flow of the evidence, from the beginning through the changes, are superb.” (Sorry if this sounds like bragging, but I’m just quoting what she wrote for the grand jury to read.) She further agreed with my conclusions that the changes which have occurred to certain sections of the law over the years demonstrate “a deliberate attempt by someone or some group to make most Americans believe that they are liable to pay the federal income tax,” when in reality they are not.

Her letter went on to say that she had become skeptical of people’s motives, but after meeting me and talking to me, she found my motives “to be as pure as [my] research,” saying that she saw me as a “seeker of truth,” like herself. She then discussed the government’s extremely curious inability or unwillingness to answer perfectly reasonable questions about the tax laws, which were being asked by so many Americans: “The government’s refusal to answer these questions speaks louder than the church bell rings on Sunday.” Her letter also included this:

“Most of the rank and file IRS employees don’t know anything beyond IRC Section 61, and when I have attempted to talk to my former co-workers about it, they have stated that they were not allowed to discuss these things with me, nor could they accept any questions or inquiries about anything questioning the income tax. This is another sad state of affairs—people can’t talk freely about what should be their job.”

Each folder for each of the 23 grand jurors also contained a copy of a letter from Terrill Croghan, attorney and former federal prosecutor, also sent to me for the express purpose of being forwarded on to the grand jury. In it, Mr. Croghan spoke of his recent research into federal tax laws, and explained that, up until recently (long after working for the DOJ), his “knowledge about the actual wording and meaning of this body of law was, I am embarrassed to admit, superficial and based solely upon assumption and what I’d been ‘told’ the law said and meant.” He reviewed many theories which left him “less than satisfied, simply because they didn’t address what the law actually said, or meant,” but instead just “protested its existence” or were the result of “questionable legal analysis.” (Sounds a lot like the beginning of my own journey.) Then, his letter explained, he came across my “Taxable Income” report. And, just as I had been, he was initially very skeptical about the idea, based on his past experience with anti-tax “theories.”

He added that since I’m not a lawyer, he wasn’t very hopeful that he could “learn anything of value or substance about the tax law” from my report. After reading my report, however, he decided that he “had been very wrong about that.” He read the report looking for “analytical weaknesses or deficient logic,” and found none. “The deeper my analysis of the law became, the more I became convinced that the conclusions expressed in Mr. Rose’s report were correct.” He described his own fruitless attempts to get a half-decent rebuttal from those in government, and how, because of their utter failure to give any real refutation of the issue, he became “more and more convinced there must be none that exists.”

I had come across former IRS employee Sherry Peel Jackson when I was doing my own research on income taxation, which I wrote about in my post “Income Taxation is Slavery.” At that time I had seen various videos of her on YouTube, including some presentations, and I believe I included at least one in the footnotes of my aforementioned post. Joseph R. Banister is another similar case, also a former IRS special agent who came out and told the truth about what’s going on. Here’s a video on that includes both of them.

I can highly recommend reading Larken Rose’s book if you want to learn more about the scam that is the IRS, and in fact, every tax collection agency of every government on Earth. They’re nothing more than criminal organizations, comparable to the mafia, engaging in terrorism on a daily basis. These entities exist as a replacement of the older forms of slavery after they were supposedly “abolished.” I go into more details on this in my post “On money, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.” Most people are still slaves in the current system of enslavement implemented worldwide, but most of them still don’t realize this.


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