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The End of Ron Paul

So far I’ve written a few posts about Ron Paul here on my blog, all very positive, as I found myself agreeing with most of his views. His message of freedom is very popular, and many people have supported him because of that in the last few months. However, his recent comments about 9/11 have given me some serious doubts about what he really stands for.

While you may think that Ron Paul is a highly intelligent man, with some really brilliant views, somehow he isn’t capable of viewing the available evidence on 9/11, and seeing that there’s something wrong there. Any person that is able to think clearly, and objectively looks at all the information about the attacks on 9/11 can only come to one conclusion: That 9/11 was an inside job. At the very least, they should realize that the official story about 9/11 is completely ridiculous.

And yet, Ron Paul somehow can’t get himself to look at all the available evidence and see that there is something seriously wrong. In fact, he even says he wants nothing to do with people who believe 9/11 was an inside job, even though he’s quite happy to receive the millions in donations from those same people. Just look at this video and also this one starting at 2:30. Is Ron Paul simply blind to the facts, or does he just really want to get elected and remain politically correct? There’s something seriously wrong and fishy about this. It appears he’s just another corrupt politician.

His stance on 9/11 Truth has cost him dearly, and he will continue to lose support from many people:

The last Ron Paul ‘money bomb’ showed a substantial loss of support momentum…which was/is largely the result of his complete public disassociation and denouncement of the entire 911 Truth Movement during that national ‘debate’ several weeks ago.  See: Ron Paul Disavows 911 Truth – ‘I Don’t Believe That
That was either a bald-faced, enormous, lie to try to keep himself politically ‘alive’ … OR that is HIS truth.
Either way, it cost him a lot of support.
We know several Ron Paul backers who dropped him at that moment… and it was reflected in the failed, subsequent fundraising.
His poor showing (absolutely expected) in the primaries was the final truth his devoted supporters had to swallow: the system is totally owned and operated by the controllers. Period.

Yes, and it looks like even Ron Paul is owned by the same controllers. What is also very interesting is that as all of this was happening, Alex Jones never mentioned any of this on his website and continued to interview and support Ron Paul, never asking him about his views on 9/11 Truth. Why did he not confront Ron Paul with this? Why did he not report this on his website and let his readers know about this? Is Alex Jones also owned and operated by the same controllers? It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case.

Meanwhile Ron Paul has lost my support.


  1. Karel Donk » Archive » Looks like Ron Paul might be a Freemason (14/05/2008)


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