The All Seeing Eye: A Symbol of Consciousness

One of the big mysteries of our time is the above symbol called the All Seeing Eye, sometimes also referred to as the Eye of Providence. Read more »

Apple – The Occult Secrets behind the Brand

Today everyone living in the modern world is familiar with the Apple logo. Read more »

Bill Gates has it wrong on our basic human needs

It seems that Bill Gates doesn’t fully understand what our basic needs are as human beings. As I wrote in my post on the subject, the ability to connect and communicate with one another is one of the most important of our natural needs. Read more »


Today, November 5th 2013, millions of people worldwide will march in the streets of their cities to promote ideas for a new and better world. A world where the freedom of every single individual is truly respected. Read more »

Why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer

Looking at the image of the global wealth pyramid above, it’s sickening to realize what it actually means. Read more »

Evidence that the Global Brain is changing the World

Here’s a great example of the many benefits that the Global Brain brings to the world today. Read more »

Finally, the smart women are here

For a few years now I’ve been noticing a change in thinking and mentality of young women who are, quite frankly, becoming a lot smarter and a lot more courageous compared to older generations of women. Read more »

Change the World; Be Politically Incorrect

The world we live in right now is a complete mess. I often spend a lot of time on my own thinking about how we got into this mess we’re in right now. Read more »

Income Taxation is Slavery

I’ve been meaning to write about income taxation for a long time now. Almost a year ago I had written a letter on the issues of income taxation to the President of my country, H.E. D.D. Read more »

The Global Brain

For the first time in the history of humankind we’re reaching a point where we’ll finally be able to become united as a species and form a planetary civilization. Read more »
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