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What is legal isn’t always right, and what is right isn’t always legal.

Put your money where your mouth is

Lately I’ve been getting asked more often about why I invest so much time into writing articles here on my blog and why I’m even investing money in advertising my blog when I’m not making any money from it. These questions reveal how the large majority of people still appear to think these days, namely that it’s not such a good idea to be investing time and money into anything that doesn’t personally benefit you or give you something in return.

For example, when I wrote my article series on Understanding Women, people asked me why I put so much time into that, because it’s not going to improve anything for me personally in the short term. And my answer to that was that I wasn’t doing it for my personal benefit. I fully realize that any substantial change in a positive direction resulting from my writing probably won’t come until much later when I’m not around anymore or when I’m not able to personally benefit from it anymore. But I do know that the younger and future generations will most certainly benefit from all the efforts we put into trying to improve the world today.

I know from myself that when I grew up I had a lot of questions that I couldn’t find answers for. And for some of those questions I’ve spent most of my life up till now trying to find answers. I would have loved it if someone who came before me already had done the work in the past and had provided clear answers to the questions I had. Moreover, I would have loved it if people in my immediate environment dared to be politically incorrect and, instead of being hypocrites, had the courage to openly and clearly point out the flawed systems in our society, advising us to avoid them. It would have made me understand my environment much earlier in life and would have saved me from a lot of trouble. And so my hope is that by writing blog articles and putting my work out there for everyone, I can help others who are looking for answers to certain important questions in life, and possibly save them from a lot of misery.

Some of the ads I ran on Facebook promoting my Understanding Women article series

Some of the ads I ran on Facebook promoting my Understanding Women article series

Not only am I not personally benefitting from these efforts, but often they also impact me negatively. For example, my articles on love, relationships and women, ironically don’t result in me getting more attention from women and more sex. On the contrary, most women today who’re brainwashed to want traditional relationships and like to own their partners will stay away from me. And I knew in advance that this would be the case, since most people today are simply not ready for some of the things I discuss (although the positive response has exceeded my expectations). However, I know with 100% certainty that people in the near future will be ready and will benefit a lot from the information I put out there. And so even though writing such articles now has disadvantages for me, I still do it, not for personal benefit or gain obviously, but to help others.

Some of the ads I ran on Facebook

Some of the ads I ran on Facebook

Consider another example; as a photographer I also cover weddings and I’m sure you can imagine that publishing an article titled “Why getting married is a very bad idea”, where I advise people to avoid marriage in order not to ruin their lives, isn’t going to benefit my (wedding) photography business in any way. On the contrary, I wouldn’t be surprised if it impacted my income from wedding photography negatively. But honestly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about my personal income in this case; more important to me is to be honest and point out the facts to everyone in the hope that it might help them in the future and save them from a lot of misery — in this case especially the younger generation who’re being misled by society into desiring a destructive way of living. I think that if more people thought like this and lived in harmony with their conscience, the world we live in today would be a much, much more beautiful place to live in.

And as you can see from the examples of Facebook ads above, I even spend my own hard earned money trying to reach people with this information. So not only am I not gaining anything from this, I’m even “losing” time and money on it. I view these efforts as activism and I’ve been doing similar stuff for many years, though I don’t often talk about it. For example, at one time in the past, I spent close to US$ 5000,- of my own money trying to spread information to people about the attacks on 9/11 in New York being a false flag operation, via an event, TV broadcasts and other efforts. Where I live right now, US$ 5000,- is a lot of money, and I’m not a rich person. Back then that amount was about 5 months salary at my last full-time job. As far as I’m concerned though, it was money well spent.

Though I’m not rich I can afford spending some of my money on activism because I don’t waste it on trivial things in life like most people do. In fact, I recently wrote about not wanting to get rich, where someone left the following comment:

Prove it. Scan a picture of last year’s tax return. Black out your address, SSN, etc. But show us you’re not rich and you contributed to charity.

And I got similar comments on Facebook as well. And such comments are also the reason for why I’m writing this blog post. I don’t like to give (to charity), and talk about it later. I don’t like to do good deeds, and talk about it later. That’s not my style and never the reason for why I’m doing these things. Only the rich seem to promote their “good deeds” in order to fool everyone into thinking they’re so generous, when in actual fact they are systematically robbing the entire planet, as I recently discussed. However, when people make certain remarks towards me sometimes, or ask me certain questions, I do feel that I have to at least provide some kind of answer.

The truth is that money doesn’t mean that much to me; more important to me is my time. The value of the time I put into all of this, is worth many, many times more to me than any money I could possibly spend. And to me it is time well spent.

At the end of the day you can say that you want to change and improve the world, and you can say that you support certain concepts or efforts going on around the world, but talk alone is cheap. Talk without any kind of action isn’t worth much. You have to put your money where your mouth is, as they usually say. And these days it’s getting much easier, especially with the Internet, to reach people with activism. Anyone can easily help to change and improve the world if they really want to, and it doesn’t have to cost much or take too much of your time.

Like I wrote in my post on being politically incorrect, is it worth it to be afraid of what you have to lose, give up your personal integrity and stay politically correct in order to protect your interests and to be accepted in a seriously flawed society, while you look on as the world continues to deteriorate? Or would you rather like to be true to yourself, stand behind your beliefs and improve life? We have to take responsibility and clean up as much of this mess as we can right now in order for our children and grandchildren to be able to live in a much better world in the future. If we don’t, they’re going to look back at us one day and see us for the cowards that we were as they struggle to survive in a world that’ll be even more of a mess than it is right now.


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