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Photo Assignment: Torarica Buildings

I recently completed an assignment for one of the directors of Torarica Group of Hotels. He wanted a picture of the building of each of the 3 hotels that they manage to put on one of the walls in his office. The only requirement he had was that the pictures had to be in black and white and I had to deliver them printed and framed at 50cmx70cm. So I went out a couple of days on location to walk around and try to find a creative way to take pictures of each of the 3 buildings in such a way that they could also fit together next to eachother. I took a lot of pictures with about 4 different ideas in my mind in 3 to 4 different sessions. The last session wasn’t planned, that day I just happened to look out the window and notice there was a clear blue sky, and I just went on location immediately to take some more pictures. All pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 40D body and the Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L II lens.

After I reviewed the pictures I sent a small number of them to the client explaining what I had in mind so he could make his own selection. I also offered a selection of my own as an example. He chose to go ahead with my selection of 3 pictures, one for each building:

I chose to photograph a small part of each building that was unique and characteristic of that building, so that anyone who knew the buildings would recognize them as soon as they saw the pictures. I also tried to photograph them in the same angle and perspective, so that it would give an interesting effect when hanging them on the wall next to each other:

This was not an easy assignment for me because it was not easy to come up with ideas that could work for all 3 buildings. Because the pictures would be hanging next to eachother, I also didn’t want them to look too different from eachother, and wanted them to share certain features so that it would be clear that they belong together, even though they’re very different from eachother when you look at the architecture. And in my opinion, they do look quite nice at 50cmx70cm. It’ll be interesting to see what others think in the next few days.


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