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Note To Barack Obama: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Barack Obama, The New Bush. Sieg Heil.

Barack Obama, The New Bush. Sieg Heil.

I came across a quote from Obama regarding the recent attacks of Hamas against Israel and I couldn’t help but wonder what the fuck he was smoking:

“[T]here is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. So we are fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself from missiles landing on people’s homes.”

Noting that Israel increased its response after what the NY Times described as “persistent Palestinian rocket fire,” Obama said, “Let’s understand what the precipitating event here was that’s causing the current crisis, and that was an ever-escalating number of missiles that were landing not just in Israeli territory but in areas that are populated.”

Obama meanwhile conveniently ignores the fact that Israel has been ILLEGALLY occupying Palestinian land for decades now and keeps expanding its illegal settlements, bulldozing the homes of Palestinian families, walling them in and cutting them off from other parts of the land making it difficult for them to live their lives:

Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are now facing further problems due to the construction of the wall which will de facto annex 320 square kilometers (5.6% of the entire West Banks land mass) as it carves through Jerusalem. The wall is set to isolate more than 120,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem. … Israel is not only demolishing Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem. Between September 2000 and December last year 60,781 houses had been demolished or partly destroyed by Israeli forces in the West Bank and Gaza. In Oct 2001 Israel also renewed its activity of demolishing houses as punishment and has since destroyed at least 479 houses for this reason. This week the Israeli High Court of Justice took a decision against permitting judicial review for families of Palestinians whose homes are targeted for demolition because a family member has been involved in (or even suspected of) military attacks. Setting aside fundamental human rights in favor of military considerations which are mere extensions of the government’s political goals, the Court accepted the argument of the army that such demolitions take place as integral parts of military operations.

Such an operation occurred in the early hours of this morning when 200 Israeli soldiers invaded the Palestinian village of Sarra, west of Nablus and demolished the homes of Ghalib Abdullah and Jaser Owda. The sons of these men had been accused of plotting an attack against the illegal Har Bracha settlement yet they remain in prison without trail or judgment. When the Israeli army blew up their parents’ homes they allowed them just 10 minutes to evacuate before making 17 people homeless.

Palestinian Girl

Where’s your empathy, Obama? Where the fuck is it?

From here:

“All of the people have had homes demolished before, but this time they had no warning. The people were very, very upset. They were running to get their things out of their homes, but the bulldozer just went on demolishing.”  Soldiers of the Israeli army arrived early in the morning in jeeps accompanied by a bulldozer and then demolished the buildings where the four families were living. The destroyed properties belonged to Mohammed Fahed Bani Odeh, Mohammed Ali Shaikh Bani Odeh, Ali Shaikh Musleh Bani Odeh and Omar ‘Arif Mohammed Bisharat and their families – at least 34 people, including some 26 children.

After destroying these homes, the soldiers moved on to destroy homes and livelihoods in Jiftlik and Furush Beit Dajan, where homes have previously been demolished in recent months.   “In Jiftlik, they are destroying a farm – it is one of the rare farms here and there is otherwise not much livelihood for the people. They first bulldozed the vegetable area a couple of months ago; then they bulldozed the home last month,” said Donatella Rovera.

“The family of Mahmud Mat’ab Da’ish, his wife and seven children were given a tent by the Red Cross and they started planting vegetables again. Today, the army has been bulldozing the green plants.

And listen to the info in this video:

And here are some Israeli soldiers speaking out:

Israeli soldiers in action:

The Palestinians are being oppressed by Israel in ways that make one wonder whether these people have any empathy at all. A lot of Israel’s actions here can be classified as war crimes and severe human rights violations:

Its current lethal assault on Gaza, with under-reported violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank as well, is the latest in a series of such criminal assaults. Like its predecessors this is killing many innocent children, woman and men and causing horrendous damage as well. Like its predecessors it will fail.

Israel is a democracy, undeniably. But a democracy that commits war crimes is still a war criminal. It has an exceptionally right wing government, with an overtly racist foreign minister. That government has taken office on the basis of an election. This means that the Israeli electorate is complicit in its government’s war crimes.

And this has been going on for decades. Just look at the map below and see for yourself how Israel has systematically annexed much of Palestinian land over the last few decades while the world just stood by and watched it happen.

Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land

Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land

The above ad also appeared in the video below worth watching:

Palestine has effectively been turned into some kind of concentration camp. The UN has repeatedly asked Israel to get the fuck out of the illegally occupied Palestinian land without results. Israel has been able to keep occupying land and even grow their settlements largely because of the support it gets from the USA. This support not only includes political/diplomatic support, but also military (weapons, airplanes, technology) and financial support. The american tax payer for many years now has unknowingly funded a large part of Israel’s army:

The Israeli army’s chief of staff states that in the past three years, “US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers,” according to a report in the Jerusalem Post, a prominent Israeli newspaper.

According to the report, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi made the statement during a speech on September 11th. In it he emphasized: “We must preserve ties with the United States. I believe this is a security necessity.”

Some of the other top recipients of US tax money, Egypt and Jordan, were provided this assistance in return for diplomatic recognition of the Israeli state.

According to the Congressional Research Service, Israel is given this money in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year. Americans then pay interest on money they have given to Israel, while Israel makes interest on it. In recent years Israel has reported a lower unemployment rate than the US and a better account balance.

The fact that Obama is clearly taking the side of Israel shouldn’t be a surprise when you know that the people behind Obama, such as Emanuel Rahm, are all pro Israel. The USA and Israel have very close ties.

Don’t forget that Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, together with elements within the US government was also very much involved in the planning and execution of the attacks on 9/11 in the USA – a crime committed by the US government against its own people to motivate them to go to war in the Middle East.

Apparently Obama seems to be unaware of all the atrocities Israel has committed against the Palestinian people, and still is committing against them on a daily basis. Indeed Obama, in his own words, fails to “understand what the precipitating event here was that’s causing the current crisis.” Because otherwise he would surely understand where all the extreme reactions from the Palestinians against Israel are coming from. I don’t care who you are, but if someone is going to come into your home suddenly one day and permanently starts living there and starts dictating to you how you should live your life, I doubt you’ll just let it happen and do nothing about it. It’s not the Palestinians who are the terrorists here but actually Israel who has been terrorizing these people for decades now, while most of the world sits in ignorance and the major media remains silent.

This article put it nicely:

Let’s address this lame excuse for a political argument. […] What this argument omits is that Israel has Gaza in a stranglehold.  It has turned the enclave into a virtual prison having no economy, no exports, no ability to travel in or out.  Gaza is occupied in effect by Israel.  This occupation is illegal.  Any nation has a right to resist such an occupation. I do not support firing missiles from Gaza into Israel. But I do not support Israel’s occupation of Gaza either.  I do not expect Gazans to roll over and play dead for Israel’s benefit or for the benefit of a U.S. president who has his head up his ass.

It’s not so much that Obama has his head up his ass (though one could argue he’s a fucking moron); it’s more that he is knowingly misleading the people in the USA and indeed the entire world as to what exactly is going on between Israel and the Palestinians. Fortunately there are many people who aren’t falling for it including the writer of the above quoted article. He continues:

Barack Obama: go to Hell. You don’t give a damn.  You don’t have a moral bone in your body.  Give back that Nobel Peace Prize.  You don’t deserve it. In fact, you’ve pissed on it and turned it from gold to (cast) lead.

And to this I would like to add a final note:



Update 31/1/2014

Here’s an interview with ex US President Jimmy Carter on the subject:

Update 9/7/2014

Here’s an episode of an Australian television program Four Corners featuring the torture and abuse of Palestinian children by Israel.

The Guardian also published some testimonies from Israeli soldiers who have spoken out about the brutality of their Palestinian occupation:

In that decade, Breaking the Silence has collected a formidable oral history of Israeli soldiers’ highly critical assessments of the world of conflict and occupation. The stories may be specific to Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian territories but they have a wider meaning, providing an invaluable resource that describes not just the nature of Israel’s occupation but of how occupying soldiers behave more generally. They describe how abuses come from boredom; from the orders of ambitious officers keen to advance in their careers; or from the institutional demands of occupation itself, which desensitises and dehumanises as it creates a distance from the “other”.

Two reasons were given for house demolitions. One reason was operational. That’s when a house is suspected to contain explosive, tunnels, when all kinds of wires are seen, or digging. Or we have intelligence information making it suspect. Or it’s a source of fire, whether light arms or mortars, missiles, Grads [rockets], all that stuff. Those are houses we demolish. Then we’re told some will be destroyed for “the day after”. The rationale is to leave a sterile area behind us and the best way to do that is by razing it. In practical terms, it means you take a house that’s not suspect, its only transgression is that it stands on a hill in Gaza. I can even say that in a talk with my battalion commander, he mentioned this and said half smiling, half sad, that this is something to add to his list of war crimes. So he himself understood there was a problem.

“Provocation and reaction” is the act of entering a village, making a lot of noise, waiting for the stones to be thrown at you and then you arrest them, saying: “There, they’re throwing stones.”

Read more here.


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