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Photoshoot with Carol Chen Poun Joe

Model Photo Shoot: Carol Chen Poun Joe

After a fairly long time I did a photo shoot again two weeks ago with Carol Chen Poun Joe. It was an interesting experience doing such a photo shoot again after 2 years; I found out afterwards that I forgot about small details and made some stupid mistakes. Of course I knew this could potentially happen after not having done such photo shoots for 2 years, so that’s why this was just a simple practice session and I made sure the model was fully aware of the situation (i.e. I managed expectations).

Carol Chen Poun Joe on Instagram

I used the Canon EOS 5D Mark III paired with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L and Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L lenses.  You can see some of the results in the gallery below. My favorite shot is the last one.

This photo shoot involved an amazing “coincidence” or, as Carl Jung liked to call such events, synchronicity. The last time I did a photo shoot with Carol was for my Canon EOS 5D Mark III review and we did that shoot on July 8th 2012. After that I had little contact with her until she contacted me two weeks ago late in the afternoon, out of the blue, asking if I was free and if I wanted to do a photo shoot with her. If it were anyone else I would have declined because my mind is just too preoccupied these days with other projects (among other reasons), but in this case, because it was Carol I couldn’t say no. Later, after about 2 hours, when she came over and I was taking pictures of her, we were simultaneously having a conversation and I wondered how much time had passed since we last worked together. At that time I wasn’t sure but I thought it had to be about 7 years. I thought to myself that I needed to check this later.

So the next day, July 8th 2019, I went to look in my archives to check when I last worked with Carol, and saw that it was exactly 7 years ago on July 8th 2012! Not only that, but the previous day when I worked with her again, was July 7th. So we worked together again on the 7th day of the 7th month, after 7 years. 777! Of course, my mind was blown.

What are the odds of this happening just by chance? Moreover, this was just one very special event among a few other interesting events taking place at that time in my life where I could see that I was on the right track as far as the Universe was concerned. As Christopher Jargodzki, a professor of physics, said:

The degree to which one is in harmony with the Universe can be measured by an intensified flow of synchronicity. Synchronicity may provide a new foundation for ethics: instead of actions being classified as right or wrong, the new criterion will be the extent to which they are developmentally appropriate as measured by an increased or decreased flow of synchronicity.

And there was more of that going on as I mentioned, but this photo shoot bringing the message 777 was definitely the icing on the cake. And it could not have been brought by a more appropriate messenger. Carol is one of the kindest and soft-hearted women I’ve ever met; in fact there’s only one other person I can think of that’s on the same level. I also like how it says “Angel servant of God” on her Instagram profile. 777, brought by an angel.


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