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I’m still taking pictures, just so you know

It’s been a while since my last post on my photography adventures and I thought it was time for another update. I’ve postponed this for a few weeks now and today I finally said to myself “If you don’t put up this post today, you’re not allowed to view the rest of the Matrix Trilogy DVDs you still need to see.” And as you can see, that worked. It’s just really overwhelming sometimes. There’s so much I want to do, so much I’m interested in and all of it fights for a little of my time. And there’s still so much I want to do that I can just not find enough time for. When I tell people all of the things I do and mention I don’t have a girlfriend (upon inquiry), they immediately understand.

I’ve had a couple of photography sessions since my last update and below are some examples:

These are from another session:

Apart from some basic color correction these pictures have not (yet) been edited in any way. These pictures were taken with the intention to be used for ads, posters and other promotional material. I usually use a white background which I can later easily replace with another background based on what I want to do. That provides more flexibility.

Another example of a picture where I replaced the background is the following:

Here you see a side-by-side comparison of the original picture and the final version with the background replaced. I probably wouldn’t be able to fool CIA analysts or Jack White with this, but grandma and grandpa will never know it’s fake. And that was my intention. The more realistic you try to make it, the more time goes into it, and obviously that’s limited by the available budget.


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