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ICT Supply Chain Integrity

A paper published recently by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace titled “ICT Supply Chain Integrity: Principles for Governmental and Corporate Policies” goes into various threats to security and privacy via supply chain vulnerabilities and attacks. Even if you’re not particularly interested in security and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subjects, I highly recommend reading through so that you can get a general idea about what’s going on. It’ll make you more aware of certain things that you should watch out for when you decide to buy new electronics, whether it be a new laptop, tablet, mobile phone, speaker, camera or even home appliances.

You’ll then understand why companies such as Purism go out of their way to ensure to customers that any products that they ship has not been tampered with while in transit. You can request this special treatment when ordering from them and they then discuss with you what kind of preventive measures they’ll use. When you receive the product you know what to look for and can inspect it to make sure that it was not tampered with while it was being shipped to you.

Unfortunately, in the time we’re living in right now, you can never be too careful and too paranoid. It’s up to you to keep yourself informed, because nobody else will do it for you, and least of all the criminal governments of the world.


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