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Elon Musk says he won’t take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’

I admire Elon Musk’s intellect, rationality and courage. Especially when he lets the sheep of the world know that they’re being fucking stupid. Like mentioned in this recent article on the New York Post, “Elon Musk says he won’t take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’” (September 29th 2020):

SpaceX founder Elon Musk stirred the pot yet again after claiming that neither he nor his family would take a COVID-19 vaccine even if it was readily available. The 49-year-old billionaire dropped the bombshell during a Monday appearance on the New York Times opinion podcast “Sway.” “I’m not at risk, neither are my kids,” Musk told host Kara Swisher about the rationale behind his decision.

Later on, the automotive mogul addressed Bill Gates’ criticisms of his skepticism toward the coronavirus, which Musk called “dumb” in March. During a CNBC interview in July, the Microsoft founder claimed that Musk didn’t know much about vaccines and said he hoped that the SpaceX head “doesn’t confuse areas he’s not involved in too much.”

“Gates said something about me not knowing what I was doing,” Musk told Swisher. “It’s like, ‘Hey, knucklehead, we actually make the vaccine machines for CureVac, that company you’re invested in.’” He was referring to the fact that Tesla manufactures equipment for the German biopharmaceutical firm CureVac.

RT has more:

“This is a no-win situation. It has diminished my faith in humanity, this whole thing… The irrationality of people in general,” Musk said. He also decried lockdowns across the globe and in the US in particular, having previously referred to them as “unethical” and “de facto house arrest.” Musk said widespread lockdowns were a mistake and only at-risk people should quarantine “until the storm passes.”

I had the same feeling back in March when I saw people behaving like dumb irrational sheep worldwide due to COVID-19. I already knew people can think and behave very stupid, but COVID-19 has really exposed just how utterly stupid and irrational they can get. It almost rendered me speechless at times. Even people who I taught were smarter than average disappointed me when even they started to behave like dumb sheep.

It does however look like Musk thinks vaccines are useful in certain cases. Before you decide to take any of the vaccination poison being developed by big pharma, you should read my post “Vaccination Is Ineffective And Dangerous” first and maybe avoid ruining your life.


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