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Dropbox moves to Ireland to avoid taxes

I got the below email from Dropbox today explaining that they’re going to start providing their services to international customers via Ireland starting on June 1st 2015. The reasons given are to “better serve you and the growing number of Dropbox users around the world.” Of course, we know better.

Dropbox Tax Avoidance

Dropbox Tax Avoidance

If you look past the BULLSHIT reasons given in their email for this move to Ireland, and do some research into why Ireland appears to be so popular among these big corporations, you’ll quickly find that it’s for reasons having to do with tax avoidance. I had blogged about this before and in that post I had used an example of Facebook; Facebook too has been offering their advertising services via Ireland for years now.

I’m not against tax avoidance, because I know the whole world is currently being enslaved by the criminal Zionist central bankers and their monetary system based on usury of which income taxation is a part. It’s the same evil system Adolf Hitler and Muammar al-Qaddafi fought against in the past, trying to free their people from debt-slavery. Somehow you have to try to defend yourself and minimize the damage done to you.

However, I would have hoped that the founders and CEOs of these corporations would grow some balls and finally stand up against — or at the very least speak out openly about — this system of slavery via taxation, instead of citing bullshit reasons for why they are fleeing to other countries.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

We can’t run from our problems forever. So Dropbox et al, how about telling your users exactly why you’re moving to Ireland and educating them about the reality of this system of enslavement we’re currently living in, instead of remaining cowards and fucking hypocrites? If you do that, I’m sure things will start improving rapidly for all of us.


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