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C++ Posters

I just uploaded two posters about the C++ programming language to GitHub. I made them specifically for this year’s CppCon C++ conference but they were not accepted by the CppCon Poster Review Committee. Most of the committee members did appreciate the humor but had other concerns, among which the use of some strong language. Since I did put some amount of work into it and don’t want that to be for nothing, I decided to put the posters online for anyone who wants to use them.

C++ Posters

The GitHub repo contains both JPG and PDF versions and you can download them from there. If you plan to make large prints use the PDF versions. For details about use and licensing, see the included file.

If you don’t know about CppCon and if you’re a C++ programmer or are interested in the C++ programming language, I highly recommend checking out their YouTube channel for some great presentations. I’ve probably seen 95% of all the videos there and have learned a lot from them.


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