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Being tortured in China

A former British consulate employee by the name of Simon Cheng has written a detailed account of how he was detained and tortured by the criminal Chinese government because of possible participation in the Hong Kong protests. It’s a horrifying read, but I highly recommend reading it in full to understand what the situation currently is in China. The New York Times has published an article about it, but you can read his full account on Facebook (no login required, archived here).

You also get some insight in how they try to psychologically manipulate people through various kinds of physical and mental torture, and reprogram their minds in order to fall in line with the wishes of the criminal Chinese government. In the ultimate case, Cheng was threatened to be sent away to one of the infamous Chinese “re-education and training camps.”

In another article published today by Drew DeVault he wrote the following:

Let’s lay out the facts: China is conducting human rights violations on the largest scale the world has seen since Nazi Germany. China executes political prisoners8 and harvests their organs for transplant to sick elites on an industrial scale, targeting and killing civilians based on not only political, but also ethnic and religious factors. This is commonly known as genocide. China denies using the organs of prisoners, but there’s credible doubt9 from the scientific community.

Recent evidence directly connecting executions to organ harvesting is somewhat unreliable, but I don’t think China deserves the benefit of the doubt. China is a world leader in executions, and is believed to conduct more executions than the rest of the world combined.10 Wait times for organ transplantation are extraordinarily low in China,11 on the order of weeks — in most of the developed world these timeframes are measured in terms of years,12 and China has been unable to explain the source for tens of thousands of transplants in the past13. And, looking past recent evidence, China directly admitted to using the organs of executed prisoners in 2005.14

These atrocities are being committed against cultural minorities to further China’s power. The UN published a statement in August 2018 stating that they have credible reports of over a million ethnic Uighurs being held in internment camps in Xinjiang,15 imprisoned with various other ethnic minorities from the region. Leaks in November 2019 reported by the New York Times showed that China admits the imprisoned have committed no crimes other than dissent,16 and that the camps were to be run with, quote, “absolutely no mercy”.

That last line is exactly what Simon Cheng describes in his own account mentioned above and you’ll see exactly what tactics are being used by the criminal Chinese government.

While I read Cheng’s account of his experiences in China, I couldn’t help but get reminded of Julian Assange who’s also receiving similar treatment in the UK right now:

Two medical experts accompanied Melzer when he visited Assange at Belmarsh prison in the UK, he said on Tuesday. “We came to the conclusion that he had been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of time. That’s a medical assessment.” Melzer’s message fell largely on deaf ears, as only a handful of reporters attended Tuesday’s press conference at the UN headquarters in New York.

Assange’s physical and mental condition have gotten so bad that he could barely speak in front of a judge recently (John Pilger talks about that in a recent interview).

I mention Assange because while Simon Cheng complains about China, the government he was working for was giving similar treatment to Assange. And also, while Drew DeVault wrote about how bad China is and why he’s advocating for boycotting China, the USA, where he’s from, is also involved in numerous cases of human rights violations and oppression of entire countries worldwide.

So eventually we’re forced to conclude that all governments are criminal and terrorist organizations. Albert J. Nock was definitely on to something.


  1. Being brainwashed in China’s “re-education camps” — Karel Donk (25/11/2019)


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