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A story about me, a thief and the universe

The universe is a very strange and mysterious place. Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain. Things that go against our understanding of what the universe is and how it works. Things that mainstream science cannot yet explain and indeed even refuses to look at.

We call it the “paranormal” — a term we use to label all strange and spooky experiences we have that we can’t find a rational explanation for. We like to think that we know a lot about the universe we live in, but the fact that we can’t explain these “paranormal” experiences is a clear indication of how little we really know. When things seem strange, don’t make sense, or seem contradictory, it simply means that we lack some very important information that would allow us to explain those phenomena in a rational way. I’m very certain of that because I know that the universe is fundamentally logical and thus rational.

Throughout my life I’ve had quite a few experiences that were very strange and often involved strange “coincidences” — what psychiatrist Carl Jung termed “synchronicity.” In a previous post where I discussed one such experience, I mentioned that I would share more of these experiences on this blog. So in this post I want to share one of the more noteworthy experiences I’ve had.

I was home one day on a late Saturday night. I had just gotten into bed, a little earlier than was usual back then. Before going to sleep I decided to watch a documentary and was lying in bed with my tablet when I suddenly heard a very loud noise coming from the back of the house. At first I thought something fell inside the house, but then I heard the noise again. Seconds after that the alarm went off. I got up and took a look at the control panel for the alarm in my room, and saw that there was something wrong with the back door of my house. At that point I realized that it was very likely that someone tried to break into my house through the back door.

I turned off the alarm and tried to listen if I could hear anyone walking outside or any noises coming from the back door. I live in a relatively small house and if someone was still trying to get in, I would hear it. But it stayed quiet. Right behind the back door there’s a grilled door made from iron bars. The alarm goes off as soon as the back door is opened, so I knew that whoever tried to get in didn’t even have a chance to try to break open the grilled door on the inside. I wanted to get out of my room and take a look, but before I did that I decided to call the police. After placing the call, I carefully went out of my room into the hallway until I could take a peek at the back door. The grilled door was still locked, but I could see through the iron bars that the back door was left slightly open. That’s when I knew for sure that someone tried to break into my house.

I then decided to wait for the police to arrive before I did anything else. After around 10 minutes I heard the police car in front of the house, and I went out to meet the officers. While we walked to the back of my house, we could see the footsteps left in the sand by the person who tried to break in (it was clear that he had left in a hurry). There were clear marks in the wood on the back door near the lock, where the thief tried to push the latch aside with a pointy object. However the lock wasn’t broken. After taking a closer look, one of the police officers asked me if the door had been locked. I told him that it had been, but then he showed me that the door hadn’t been locked and that the thief had only tried to push the latch aside, and not the deadbolt. It was also the latch that showed some signs of being tampered with, while the deadbolt looked and worked fine. I realized that the police officer was right, and was very surprised to find out that the back door had probably not been locked. But as far as I could remember, I had locked it and found it to be very strange that apparently it hadn’t been. In addition, the thief appeared to have been so stupid that he also didn’t notice that the door wasn’t locked, and instead of simply opening it (the alarm would then have been triggered), he decided to try and force the latch aside and unnecessarily pulled very hard on the door to force it to open (which caused the loud noises I heard before the alarm went off).

I thought to myself that it was very fortunate that the door hadn’t been locked because otherwise the thief would likely have completely broken the door handle and lock and I would have had to fix the damage. As it was, I could simply close the door again and lock it because the handle and lock still worked fine.

After the police officers left, I went back inside and while I lied in bed again, I kept wondering about the fact that the door hadn’t been locked. Like I mentioned, I was quite sure that I had locked the door. And if that was the case, it means that someone, or something, had unlocked the door before the thief came. Could it have been the universe, or as Hitler often liked to say, the work of divine providence? I couldn’t be certain what the case really was. Maybe I had simply forgotten to lock the door and had only locked the grilled door. In addition, what kind of a stupid thief tries to break into a house while trying to break open an unlocked door? And that while the house is clearly marked outside with having an alarm system installed, and while there’s also an activity LED outside indicating the alarm is on? The whole thing seemed very strange. Little did I know that the strangest part had yet to come.

In the days following that attempt to break in, I remained extra alert because I thought that the thief might come back for another attempt. One of the things I did was rake the sand around my house to erase all the footsteps so that I would easily notice any new footsteps whenever someone else came on the yard and near the house. For a few weeks there were no footsteps and that meant that nobody came.

Then one night, a little more than a month later, I had a dream. In my dream I was standing in my small office at home, located at the front of my house and I noticed a man snooping around on the yard through the window. Somehow I immediately knew in the dream that it was the same guy who tried to break in a month ago. I opened the window, called out to the guy, and when I had his attention, I asked him what he was doing snooping around my house. Then I told him: “I won’t call the police this time if you just leave and never come back again.” I stood by the window as I watched him walk away and that’s how the dream ended.

The following morning I woke up, and while still lying in bed, I thought about the dream and concluded that the attempt to break into my house was still keeping my mind busy at a subconscious level. Clearly, I thought, I was still worried about the thief coming back for another attempt, which caused me to have that dream. However, a little later when I got up and looked outside after opening the curtains, I was shocked to see footsteps next to the house going to the back of the house. It appeared that the thief had indeed come back the previous night. But the footsteps didn’t lead all the way to the back door; they stopped at one of the corners of the house from where the back door was visible.

Seeing those footsteps forced me to view the dream I had in a completely different light. Could it be that the thief somehow got what I requested of him in my dream and left? Was my dream really just a dream? Or was it something more? Was I somehow able to communicate with him via what appeared to me as a dream? What are the odds of me having such a dream precisely on the same random night, and likely at the same time, when the thief really was snooping around again outside my house?

I’m convinced of the fact that this cannot be mere coincidence. It’s clear to me that in both cases there was a lot more going on than can be rationally explained at the present moment. Before I had that dream, I was willing to concede that perhaps I was simply mistaken and had forgotten to lock the back door when the thief tried to break in the first time. But after having the dream, I think it’s highly likely that “something” had unlocked the door before the thief made his attempt. It was a very clever way to minimize the damage he did.

I’m also convinced that my dream was not merely a dream. I was clearly accessing information outside of my normal (limited) awareness; I was accessing the larger consciousness system, something that some people can do on demand, and which is explained by physicist Thomas Campbell in his book series “My Big TOE.” Not only was I accessing that information, but I was also able to communicate with the thief apparently in real-time and ask him to leave. And so far, years later, he hasn’t showed up again.

Like I mentioned before, this is no unique and isolated incident in my life. These kinds of things happen quite often. And whenever I try to dismiss something as being chance or mere coincidence, the universe keeps doing it again, as if rubbing my face in the reality of it. For example, I was perfectly willing to doubt myself and blame the unlocked back door on my own carelessness, but there’s no way I can explain away the dream I had about a month later and the footsteps outside made on the same night, as mere coincidence.

The above experiences, and many more that I will write about in the future, also convince me of the fact that the universe is looking after those who try to live according to its fundamental principles — all of which essentially boil down to true love. Live according to those principles and you’ll have the universe on your side.

The truth is undeniable that so long as you are in perfect harmony with nature, so long as your mind is in tune with the universe and you are feeling and realizing your oneness with each and all, all the circumstances and surroundings, even the winds and waves, will be in your favor. Swami Rama Tirtha

Like professor of physics Christopher Jargodzki proposed during his 2010 seminar on synchronicity: “The degree to which one is in harmony with the Universe can be measured by an intensified flow of synchronicity.” This means that the more you are in tune with the fundamental principles of the universe, the more you’ll have such “coincidences” and paranormal experiences. This certainly explains the kind of experiences I’ve been having in my life.


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