The RIAA. Said to look a lot like the MPAA.You’ve probably already seen this, but the RIAA (Recording Industry Ass of America) is claiming that making backups is not fair use. It seems that suing children and dead people is not enough anymore. Motivated by what can only be greed, they seem to keep looking for ways to gain further control over consumers and to squeeze every penny they can out of them in any possible way. Even if they have to use the most absurd tactics to do this.

I’m not against copyright laws and people or companies making money off of their hard work, property or content, but this is just insane. How far are they willing to go? If there was a way by which they could use technology to make sure only you could be able to hear the music on a CD you bought, and make it possible to be able to sue you when someone else (accidentally) listens along, I think they’d do it without thinking twice about it.

Oh, and I left out the period somewhere at the beginning of this post on purpose. You can figure it out.