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The Revolution will not be Televised

A few days ago I saw a documentary titled “The revolution will not be televised.” It’s about the political situation inside Venezuela around 2001-2002. A review which can be found on IMDB sums it up nicely:

This is something new.

There’s a coup d’etat and a couple of irish documentary filmmakers are right inside of it.

A democratically elected president who uses his power to bring literacy to his people and encourages them to read the constitution is being slandered by the private media openly as dictator, mentally unstable, new hitler, etc. without repercussion from the governments side (like, say, silencing them via bullets and other traditional dictatorial methods). Oh, and they still claim that they are being suppressed, of course.

See how the media gloats about their own role in the coup d’etat on TV after they toppled the government with the help of rouge generals (how much more stupid can you get?? ).

And see how the people of Venezuela march to the palace, holding the constitution in their hands, and reinstall their elected government.

This sounds like a Hollywood fairytale, but it happened for real, against the explicit wishes of the USA. The documentary is a historical masterpiece, shot from the center of the action, acute and totally embarrassing for the prime supporters of the coup: The good, democratic, freedom loving, benevolent USA (who still channel large amounts of money to Chavez’ political opponents).

Also highly entertaining and exciting. 10 points.

I agree with the reviewer, and I highly recommend you try and see the documentary. It’s a real eye-opener on various levels. What you will see among other things:

  1. How the privately owned media, funded by the rich minority, can put out wrong information and blatantly lie to influence public opinion and forward the agenda of their (financial) backers.
  2. How the US government openly discusses who they don’t like in another country and who needs to be taken care of because they don’t have the US interest in mind (read: because they won’t allow themselves to become a puppet of the US government).
  3. How the US government then proceeds to fund and back the opposition to create chaos and try to bring down the government they don’t like to put their own. The CIA plays a major role in this. Ofcourse, this is not something new. They’ve been doing it for many years now in many countries.
  4. What a real leader looks like, who has the interests of the all the people of the country in general in mind. I often say that no matter what you may hear about a person from others, you can always look at the way that person talks and behaves, and easily know which of the things you’ve heard about him are right and which are wrong. Just look at Chavez’s behavior and listen to his words after he has won from his opponents.
  5. That these days you have to be very careful with where you get your news from, and that you have to be really paranoid about what information you believe. Be prepared to take time to do some of your own research before you blindly accept and believe information you get from the press, and be very critical about it. You can just blindly rule out Fox News and most of CNN. Today most people in the US fail to realize what their government is doing to the world, and even to them, because they are programmed by the corporate media into believing a totally different kind of reality compared to what really exists. For example, you hear Bush talking about trying to protect the freedoms of America from evil terrorists, and that those people envy the freedoms of the USA, while he is essentially taking freedoms away from the american people behind their backs, while most of them don’t even realize it at all. He’s doing the complete opposite all while fooling people that he’s doing what he says.
  6. That when you have most of the people in a country behind you, you have all the power you need.


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