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Sunglasses (Model: Carol Chen Poun Joe)

Optiek Ninon / Instyle Optics 2012 Calendar Photos

I was hired recently by Art Design to create images for the 2012 calendar for Optiek Ninon and Instyle Optics. Optiek Ninon is an optician in Suriname that sells eyewear and related accessories. Instyle Optics is a special division by Optiek Ninon that focusses on the more exclusive eyewear and related accessories.

This was essentially a rush job as I had just about a week to deliver the images after I got the job. It wasn’t until four days before the deadline that I got an idea of what I wanted to do. I had gotten some sample eyeglasses from Optiek Ninon and after selecting two of them I decided that I wanted to do something with beautiful eyes that would complement the eyeglasses. I teamed up with model/artist Carol Chen Poun Joe, whom I worked with before to do the images in the Cactus V5 review and for the photo shoot with Natasha Benjamin, among other projects. I had two reasons for working with Carol again: number one is that she has very beautiful eyes, and number two is that she’s a very good make-up artist. I knew she’d be able to create what I needed.

Reading glasses (Model: Carol Chen Poun Joe)

We did the photo shoot two days before the deadline and because of the limited time we had, everything was done in a hurry. For example, the photo shoot took place late at night just so that Carol and I could match our schedules and work together on this.

The Optiek Ninon / Instyle Optics 2012 Calendar

The Optiek Ninon / Instyle Optics 2012 Calendar

While this looks like a fairly simple and easy photo shoot, there were some challenges. We had to prevent reflections in the glasses as much as possible, not only from the lights but also from the surroundings. It looks very unprofessional if you can see the studio and body of the model or photographer in the reflection in the sunglasses for example. Another challenge was to keep the glasses as clean as possible, free from fingerprints and dust.

Fortunately everything worked out and I was able to get exactly what I wanted in the end. The client was not only surprised, but also extremely happy with the results. Apart from the calendar, these images should also appear in at least one billboard design in the near future.


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