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Microsoft Media Player shreds your rights

Microsoft seems to be taking their DRM crap a bit further with Windows Media Player 11. The Inquirer’s Charlie Demerjian reports that in WMP11 you will no longer be able to back up your licenses because they are tied to a single device. And if that device breaks, you loose your content as well.

The most evil team at Microsoft have really outdone themselves this time, it seems. But I have a feeling they’re going to show us all more of what they are capable of in the near future. Those of you who are stupid enough to buy DRM ‘protected’ content, are going to wake up from a very bad dream in the future. Like Demerjian also reported, even Microsoft’s own future product, called Zune, will not play older DRM ‘protected’ content because it does not support it. This is exactly what you were all warned about. When I buy music, I want to be able to play it on every device, whenever and where ever I want. Even if it’s after 10 years. And that goes for all other content like movies as well.

I wonder if the most evil team at Microsoft are proud of their work. How about it guys? Are you happy with all of this? Or do you still believe the crap upper management keeps telling you? Are you too naive to see what the real agenda is? You do realize that your “we just provide the tools and technologies to the companies and they choose how to protect their content, so we’re innocent…. those companies are our customers too you know?” argument won’t fly anymore, right? Your own Zune player refuses to play content with older DRM!! How about that?

Fortunately, we have the people behind the FairUse4WM program who ensure us that we will have access to our content in the future. The FairUse4WM program was developed by a hacker and strips the copy protection from Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 files. Microsoft released a patch for the hack, but the hackers released a newer version of FairUse4WM within about 8 hours after Microsoft released its patch. They just can’t seem to realize that they can never win this battle. Apple, by the way, faces similar issues as well with their DRM.

If you have content that is protected with Microsoft’s DRM, you might want to start using the FairUse4WM program to remove the protection before it is too late. And for the future, you might also want to watch out for buying any DRM protected content.


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