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HD-DVD a clear Winner

In a previous post I mentioned how I would never, ever, buy HD-DVD content and that if I did, I hoped I would get struck by lightning that very instant. Well it looks like I might have to take that back, and probably risk getting struck by lightning in the future too.

It seems the porn industry has decided that HD-DVD will be its format of choice over Blue-Ray. And as you can imagine, that has basically decided the faith of Blue-Ray:

Quite famously in the war between Betamax and VHS the latter won especially because the adult industry preferred it. If you’ve been around long enough, you probably remember that the very early home video rental stores were primarily responsible for driving Betamax out of the market. And those stores carried almost exclusively pornographic content.

And it seems one of the reasons why the porn industry favours HD-DVD is because Blue-Ray disks cannot be replicated:

One of the big problems they have with Blu-ray is its expense, followed by its market share. “Blu-ray has superior quality, yes,” said a spokesperson for porn studio Bangbros, “but HD DVD is easier to produce, cheaper to produce and there are more HD DVD players in homes than there are Blu-ray players, for example in the Xbox 360.”

Pink Visual heavily complained about the fact that Blu-ray discs cannot be replicated and a range of other studios, who did not want to be mentioned by name indicated that the cost of going with Blu-ray cancels the technology as a possible HD solution for this industry. “Only bigger studios can afford Blu-ray, and even then it’s not economical,” we were told.

So it seems I might be buying HD-DVD content afterall in the future. As long as I can easily replicate the disks, as the porn industry seems to require, I won’t have an issue with it either.


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