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Endgame, and other movies you should see ASAP

Alex Jones is about to release his latest movie titled “Endgame.” You can watch a trailer of it here. It’s said to be his best work yet, even better than “Terror Storm,” which if you haven’t seen yet, you absolutely should (you can watch it for free on Google Video or buy it on Amazon). Another one of his movies that you should watch, is “Martial Law 9/11“, which you can also watch on Google video, or buy from Amazon.

Hopefully those movies will continue to be available on Google Video. They’ve been caught censoring “Martial Law 9/11” just a week ago. This was just one of many attempts at censoring Alex Jones movies by Google, as I wrote about before. I guess it’s no surprise when you consider the fact that Google seems to be controlled by the CIA, the NSA, DIA and who knows what other organizations.

Another movie that you should see is called “Zeitgeist.” You can view and download it from the movie website for free. I wrote recently about the end of religion, and recommended some movies and books in that post as well. Zeitgeist starts with exposing religion, then going on to current events and on to many of the plans for the future that I think are also going to be discussed in “Endgame.”

Ofcourse, we should not forget the movie by Aaron Russo called “America: From Freedom to Fascism” which you can watch for free on Google Video, or buy from Amazon. Aaron Russo recently passed away, and people were calling him a great hero for the work he did on this movie. While I agree that the movie is excellent and that he deserves the credit, I wonder why he waited this long to expose all the plans and talk about the problems. It seems to me that he decided to do it because he knew he was getting old and was going to die anyway. In other words, he probably thought he had nothing to lose anymore. This might also be the reason why you mostly see old retired professors fighting for 9/11 Truth, and old retired generals expressing their anti-war opinions. When the younger people who have their whole future in front of them and have lots of things to lose start to stand up and fight for what they believe in, then we’ll be able to talk about real heroes.

With regard to the many deceptions in the media, I already wrote about Outfoxed and Orwell Rolls in his Grave. But if you want to find out how it all started, you have to see a series done by the BBC years ago, titled “The Century of the Self.” There are 4 episodes and you can watch them for free on Google Video. You will then see how the mass (media) deception is based on research done by Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays. This is also mentioned at the end of “Terror Storm” by Alex Jones. It is also being used by the government to sell their ideas to the public. I wrote about this before in details. Also check out this article on Infowars about more examples of government propaganda and mass deception.


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