Facebook Created a Censorship Tool

Well, well, well. A very interesting article was published on the New York Times website yesterday confirming much of what I recently blogged about. Read more »

Ian Murdock and Police Brutality

Ian Murdock, founder of Debian — one of the popular Linux distros  — died on the 28th of December 2015 after confrontations with the police. Read more »

The right to be forgotten? What about the right to remember?

Very often there are certain developments in the world that just make me blankly stare in front of me and go “Wow…” while my mind desperately tries to cope with the astronomical amounts of stupidity it’s suddenly being ... Read more »

I am Fake Chuck Westfall

When I decided to start a satirical blog featuring a fake version of Canon USA’s Chuck Westfall back in September 2008, I never expected that it would have gotten the exposure it eventually did. Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Hates Female Nipples; Loves Decapitations

Mark Zuckerberg’s — or Fuckerberg, as I like to refer to him in such instances — war against female nipples on Facebook just got even more hypocritical. From the Guardian: So now we know. Read more »

Income Taxation is Slavery

I’ve been meaning to write about income taxation for a long time now. Almost a year ago I had written a letter on the issues of income taxation to the President of my country, H.E. D.D. Read more »

The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Back in 2006 I recommended watching a movie titled “Steal This Film,” which is about file sharing on the Internet centering around the popular website The Pirate Bay. Read more »

Canon tries to take down Canonfilmmakers.com website

Canon are at it again and this time they’ve sent a take-down notice to a fan site called Canonfilmmakers.com. The owners of the site have posted some information about the issues on their blog. Read more »

Cease and Desist letter from Amazon / dpreview

My recent post about the Canon EOS 7D caused a bit of controversy on the Internet and it is not surprising considering that in that post I’m essentially showing that the EOS 7D, Canon’s supposedly latest and greatest APS-C sensor camera ... Read more »

Canon tries to take down Fake Chuck Westfall blog

Canon has sunken to a new low in trying to take down the blog of Fake Chuck Westfall, a parody of the real Chuck Westfall who is the Technical Information Advisor at Canon USA. Read more »
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