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Another Photoshoot

Last Sunday I had the great opportunity again to do a photoshoot for one of my clients involving a nice model. The last time I did a photoshoot involving models was a while ago, and you can read about that here. This latest shoot was a nice experience overall, learned a lot again. The only problem I had was waking up at 3am in the morning to get prepared and leave at 4:30am to get to the location where the photoshoot would take place. We wanted some shots early in the morning with the sunrise on the background so we had to be there before sunrise to set everything up and get the model ready.

The photoshoot lasted about 9 hours with a few very short breaks in between. I know it sounds long, but it’s just incredible how time flies when you enjoy yourself. I took about 1100 pictures that day, of which I’m posting a few below. And in case you’re wondering: Yes, it’s the same girl on all the pictures. It was her first time modeling, and I think she did really well. The make-up and styling was done by Euvie Karijoredjo, who also helped with some great idea’s for poses.

Some pictures about the time we arived on location:

At this point the model was ready for the first set of pictures so I started working with her:

The following pictures were taken inside the boat at the bar:

And ofcourse, if you’re on a boat, you have to have a few swim suit pictures too:

We also tried a simple pirate look:

Apparently pirates also smile once in a while. By the way, the “uncle sam” text is going to be removed later on from the pirate pictures. We just didn’t have anything better we could use at that time.

Overall I was reasonably satisfied with the results. I made some mistakes but it’s all part of the game. For example, after viewing the results I think I should have used more light for the pictures inside the boat. In any case, I’ve learned some good lessons and I’m quite sure I’ll suck a little less the next time. Just wait for my next post on this subject and see if you agree with me. 😛


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