Photography with the Nokia Lumia 930

Taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

Taken with the Nokia Lumia 930

A few months ago I finally replaced my old BlackBerry Bold 9700 phone with the brand new Nokia Lumia 930. The previous phone, which served me well for over 4 years, was beginning to slowly die on me and the timing coincided perfectly with the release of the Nokia Lumia 930. I had to suffer 2 months with bad reception on the Bold 9700 before I could finally get my hands on the Lumia 930. I could have gotten another phone much earlier but I specifically wanted the Lumia 930. And after a few months of using it, I can say that it was well worth the wait.

The Lumia 930 is Microsoft Mobile’s flagship phone right now, and it’s a really awesome phone to use. One of the reasons why I got it was for the camera features; it currently has one of the best built-in cameras for mobile phones, not to mention the awesome Nokia Camera app. And with the Denim update, which is currently being rolled out around the world, things will only get a lot better (all new “Lumia Camera” app with new features).

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Thoughts on Karma and Consciousness

Consciousness  Universe

Consciousness <=> Universe

When people mention to me that karma is a bitch, I always reply by telling them that karma isn’t a bitch; karma is just very misunderstood.

Saying that karma is a bitch is like saying that gravity is a bitch, because gravity can make us fall and hurt ourselves. But we know that gravity is just doing what gravity is supposed to do, and so we keep that in mind and try to be careful. If we trip and fall down and hurt ourselves, we don’t blame gravity; we simply get up again and try to be more careful. Similarly, karma also does what karma is supposed to do, and that is maintaining balance of energy in the universe.

A few years ago I wrote a post where I explained how what people refer to as karma probably works based on what we know about electromagnetism. What we refer to as karma is just the universe trying to maintain internal balance of energy. It doesn’t make any distinction between concepts such as right or wrong, good or bad and positive or negative — those are labels that we put on things depending on how we perceive them and depending on our understanding of our reality. All the universe cares about is balance.

So when you think that the universe is retaliating against someone’s bad behavior, or that the universe is rewarding them for good behavior, this is an incorrect view of how things work. What’s really happening is that balance is being restored. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Why poor people make bad decisions

Homeless Man (Photo © Roman Bonnefoy)

Homeless Man (Photo © Roman Bonnefoy)

People like to blame the poor for the situation they find themselves in. I come across this quite often, and this really shows how uninformed people still are and how simplistic they think. But fortunately a constantly growing number of people worldwide are starting to wake up to the fact that poor people alone can’t be blamed for being poor and making bad decisions; what’s more often responsible for poverty and widespread inequality is the seriously flawed system we live in that most of us, in our ignorance, still think is a good system to keep in place.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times already on this blog, the system we live in today is fundamentally hostile towards the individual. As author Albert J. Nock put it in his book “Our Enemy, The State”, this system is an “anti-social institution that is administered in the only way an anti-social institution can be administered, and by the kind of person who, in the nature of things, is best adapted to such service [a psychopath].”

This system was specifically designed so that a small elite (of psychopaths) could very easily be able to control, manipulate and enslave large masses of people. For example, inequality is fundamentally built into the system. People wonder why there’s so much inequality around the world today and fail to realize that this is because we live in a system that’s fundamentally designed around inequality. But we can’t expect people to easily realize this when we have an “education” system in place that is specifically designed to keep the masses passive, ignorant and obedient to authority, while not being able to critically think for themselves. [1] In addition, people are constantly kept in a survival mindset in an environment of artificial scarcity. If the population is kept struggling to survive every day, barely being able to provide for themselves, then they won’t have time to develop themselves intellectually and spiritually, and consequently will be powerless to rebel against the system that enslaves them. Indeed most people remain so intellectually poor that they don’t even realize that they are slaves, let alone think about getting rid of the system responsible for their enslavement.

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What strong men look for in a woman

Wedding Couple (Photo ©

Wedding Couple (Photo ©

Today I read an article on The Huffington Post where the author points out that, these days, strong men are increasingly more often looking for a strong, independent and intelligent woman:

Men are finding the most attractive and sexually desirable women are not brainless beauties whose sole function is to look good and stay quiet, but women who are making good money and are in positions of power. The woman who got ahead on her looks by marrying a “sugar daddy” is now being replaced by the woman who is equal to her man in earning power and career position. That’s sexy.

Says Dr. [Stephen] Juan: “A really strong man wants a woman who is equal to him, that is the truth of it now. A weak man wants someone that is docile and a servant to him — it is a real sign of insecurity in a man to want a brainless trophy wife. Wives can be beautiful, intelligent and have careers and opinions just as strong as their partners.”

The days of a well-off older man who has a brainless beauty on his arm at social functions seems to be a deal out of Mad Men. Educated, intelligent women are the ones most sought-after by men of the same caliber. Brains are the new beauty.

However, the article also assumes that strong men want to marry such women, and I think that this is wrong and contradicting.

Really strong men do NOT want to get married to a single woman for the rest of their life; they know that’s a very bad idea. Only a weak man would want to tie a woman into an exclusive relationship with him (including marriage), so that he can make her dependent, control her and pretend to own her. That’s a real sign of insecurity in a man.

On the contrary, a strong man is confident enough to let a woman stay a separate, free and independent human being, who is free to spend time with whomever she wants, whenever she wants, and is completely free to live her life the way she wants. And this is because a strong man knows how to truly love a woman; he respects her right to life and her basic needs as a human being (click here to fully understand what this means).

A strong man knows that if a strong woman truly desires to spend time with him, he won’t have to waste his time putting unnatural amounts of effort into convincing her to do so; she will say so herself and ask for his time. Yes, strong, independent and intelligent women know what they want and don’t like to play games — they’re very clear and direct and actively pursue their desires.

A strong man also knows that a strong woman will stick around all by herself because of what he has to offer her (his personality, intellect, intimacy etc. — nothing materialistic). And when a woman loses her interest in him — which is bound to happen eventually (read here why) — a strong man can easily move on because he knows that there are many more interesting women out there (and he may even have already been enjoying their company simultaneously).

In fact, a strong man never limits himself to one woman; he simultaneously enjoys the company of as many women as he desires in his life. A strong man knows that variety is key to living an enjoyable and fulfilling life (read here why). And he also knows that strong women will readily acknowledge this simple fact of life, as they themselves also need variety in their own lives as well.

The article also mentions the following:

To paraphrase Henry Kissinger, a powerful man who married Nancy Maginnes, a powerful woman: “Power, success and financial security are the ultimate aphrodisiacs”.

I disagree with that as well. That statement may be true in the sick world we currently live in, but I think that the ultimate aphrodisiacs are independence, intelligence, compassion and the ability to truly love. This will only become more so in the future.

The Difference between Love and Lust

Touch my hand, feel my soul

Touch my hand, feel my soul

There’s a lot of confusion in societies around the world when it comes to the word love and its meaning. Probably everyone has their own idea about what love is, and as I’ll show below, most people simply confuse lust with love. This makes it very difficult to have a consistent discussion when it comes to topics concerning love. I often write about love and related topics, and in order to keep a level of consistency in my posts on this subject, I want to establish my definitions for love and lust based on my personal research so far.
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Put your money where your mouth is

What is legal isn't always right, and what is right isn't always legal.

What is legal isn’t always right, and what is right isn’t always legal.

Lately I’ve been getting asked more often about why I invest so much time into writing articles here on my blog and why I’m even investing money in advertising my blog when I’m not making any money from it. These questions reveal how the large majority of people still appear to think these days, namely that it’s not such a good idea to be investing time and money into anything that doesn’t personally benefit you or give you something in return.

For example, when I wrote my article series on Understanding Women, people asked me why I put so much time into that, because it’s not going to improve anything for me personally in the short term. And my answer to that was that I wasn’t doing it for my personal benefit. I fully realize that any substantial change in a positive direction resulting from my writing probably won’t come until much later when I’m not around anymore or when I’m not able to personally benefit from it anymore. But I do know that the younger and future generations will most certainly benefit from all the efforts we put into trying to improve the world today.

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The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor



There’s a prophecy that is shared among a great number of distinct cultures all over the world involving the Eagle, representing the masculine, and the Condor, representing the feminine. It’s unclear what the original source of this prophecy is, but it is generally agreed that it goes back many thousands of years. Throughout the years there have been some changes to some of the details in the prophecy in some cultures, but the overall theme stayed the same.

Basically it is said that thousands of years ago, the human race was divided into two groups, a masculine group, represented by the Eagle, and a feminine group represented by the Condor. This division would be the cause of many problems within the human race and around the world. However, it was foretold that a time would come when the Eagle and the Condor would get the opportunity to get back together again and fly together in the sky as equals bringing balance and peace. It would be a time of spiritual reunion, when the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine would be connected again, and the human race would connect back with nature. It’s also amazing that all the different sources of this prophecy point at the time we’re living in right now as being the moment when this reunion will happen.

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Why getting married is a very bad idea

Take my hand, for you belong to me

Take my hand, for you belong to me

Marriage as we know it today has its roots in slavery. This may come to you as a surprise, especially if you’re heavily influenced by all the brainwash in our current authoritarian societies around the world, that promote marriage as an ideal form of a relationship between a man and a woman. But if people truly realized where the concept of marriage comes from and what its real purpose is, I’m sure that they would be repulsed by it. Especially women are being brainwashed from very early childhood to not only accept the concept of marriage, but to even long for it and regard it as one of the most important goals in their lives for achieving happiness. This is the tragedy of the reality in which we live today, where people are being conditioned not only to accept, but to actually desire their own enslavement. It’s a reality where people willingly accept a way of life that works against them on almost all levels, and that allows a small elite to easily control and exploit them.

Marriage isn’t something that’s natural; it’s an artificial and social construct. A very long time ago, there was complete equality between men and women in ancient cultures, and there was no concept of marriage. In fact there are cultures that still exist today where there’s no marriage, such as the Mosuo culture in the Chinese Himalaya. Imagine getting born and living in such a culture where there was no concept of marriage. In such a situation you would grow up and become an adult without having even the slightest notion about having to get married and tying yourself to a single partner for the rest of your life.

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Carl Jung on Sigmund Freud’s Sexual Theories

Dr. Sigmund Freud

Dr. Sigmund Freud

People sometimes mention during discussions, the fact that Carl Jung had issues with Sigmund Freud’s sexual theories, implying that Freud’s theories are somehow not valid, or at the very least, that we should not put too much weight on them. So in this post I want to briefly take a look at this.

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Why courtship and dating are a waste of time

Blind Desire

Blind Desire

With the exception of a few societies in European countries such as Iceland, there’s this notion in societies around the world that people have to go through an elaborate game of courtship before they can be together more intimately. As I have previously discussed in my article series on Understanding Women, this isn’t something that’s natural; it was enforced on humankind thousands of years ago as part of a set of measures that would promote sexual suppression and repression in society. [1]

When it comes to courtship — and for the purposes of this post I’ll treat dating as a form of courtship — people generally expect men to pursue women. There are elaborate procedures established in society that men need to follow in order to impress and convince women to allow men to get closer and intimate with them. And women are being brainwashed from early childhood that they must make it especially difficult for a man to win them over; the more difficult they make it for men, the less “easy” or “slutty” they are perceived by society; the harder a man tries, the more “romantic” it is. But research has shown that this is all part of “traditional gender-stereotyped, and culturally bound, social scripts.” In other words, it’s based on stupid and made-up rules that exist in society and has absolutely nothing to do with the natural behavior of men and women. And as I mentioned previously, Iceland is a good example of a society where these stupid dating rules don’t exist and where it’s completely normal for women to pursue men, and for men and women to get intimate with each other on the first meeting. [2]

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