Note 2 To Barack Obama: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

While Obama comfortably enjoys some quality time with his family, his drones are bombing other innocent families and ruining the lives of other people in other parts of the world.

While Obama comfortably enjoys some quality time with his family, his drones are bombing innocent families and ruining the lives of people in other parts of the world. I left this comment on his Facebook page on November 16th, 2013.

In my first note to Barack Obama I had already told him to go fuck himself in connection with his remarks on the Palestinian conflict. Recently he apparently also remarked that he’s “very good at killing people” while discussing the use of drones in counter-terrorist operations in a closed conference with his aides:

Two major military-related groups, Officers of Russia and Soldiers’ Mothers, have addressed the Nobel Committee with a request to evaluate the inhumane statements made by the US president about drone warfare.

I would like to bring to your attention that [we] were  surprised and outraged by the statement made by the Nobel Prize laureate and US  President Barack Obama quoted in the book ‘Double Down’ by  Mark Halperin and John Heilemann,” the head of the Officers  of Russia NGO, Anton Tsvetkov, wrote in the letter to the  committee, quoted.

While discussing the use of drones in counter-terrorist  operations in a closed conference with his aides, Barack Obama  cynically noted he was ‘very good at killing people.’ In  connection with this we ask you to give an official legal and  moral assessment of Barack Obama’s words concerning their  compatibility with the high title of the Nobel Peace Prize  laureate,” he added.

Tsvetkov told reporters at a press conference in Moscow that  military professionals in his organization were strongly against  the use of drone aircraft in combat as this weapon often causes  casualties among civilians. He claims the Officers of Russia  possess information proving that Obama personally sanctioned the  combat use of drones during missions in Pakistan, Yemen,  Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries.

As a mother and a Human Rights advocate, I cannot understand  his drive. I cannot understand the statement by the president of  a nation that he can kill people. Obama must either apologize  before everybody for his statement or give the [Peace] prize back  and admit that he has not yet grown up to bear this high  title,” she noted.

In case you’re not aware of what kind of devastation Obama is causing in the lives of innocent people in countries in the middle east using his drones, then I highly recommend you check out the documentary “UNMANNED: America’s Drone Wars.”

When you watch this documentary and see how the lives of innocent families are being ruined, how people are  being traumatized, how adults and children are being murdered, how healthy young men and women are left badly injured and disabled for life after a drone strike, then compare that to the above picture of Obama comfortably sitting on a couch spending quality time with his daughters and take the time to fully comprehend the contrast between these situations. All of the atrocities you will see in that documentary are caused by that criminal who somehow received the Nobel Peace Prize, and who apparently also proudly likes to point out that he’s “good at killing people.”

I sent a message to Obama on November 21st, 2012

I sent a message to Obama on November 21st, 2012

I’m reminded of the following quote from a speech by Laurent Louis, member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives:

I seem to be joking but what’s going on in the world today does not make me laugh at all. It doesn’t make me laugh because without any doubt, the leaders of our Western countries are taking the people for imbeciles with the help and support of the media which are nothing more today than an organ of propaganda of the ruling powers.

Flaunting and exposing this regime is a duty and makes me proud. And honestly, I apologize for my low class speech, but I fuck you all, the so called do gooders, both left and right wingers and from the center who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers and who will be pleased to ridicule me. I fuck you all, leaders who are playing with your bombs as kids do in a playground! I fuck you, you who pretend to be democrats, while you are nothing more than low class criminals.

Barack Obama is indeed nothing more than a low class criminal playing with his drones like kids do in a playground. He’s a terrorist. And it’s not only Obama but all of the corporate and banking scumbags behind him who are making huge profits off of the suffering of millions of people around the world. Like Bush, Obama is just another puppet carrying out the dirty work for the elite who are in control, as I wrote about from the very beginning shortly after Obama got elected in 2008:

Do you think George Bush was really taking the decisions for the last 8 years? If you think so, you have a lot of research ahead of you. George Bush has been nothing more than a puppet. The real decisions are being made by powerful people who remain in the background, to forward their own agenda. An agenda that is in their own interests, not yours. Some call them the hidden government or the secret government, the illuminati, some call them the military industrial complex, and many other names, but they’re the same people behind Bush, the same people behind the attacks on 9/11 and the same people behind the Kennedy assassination.

Now Obama is their new puppet, and he’ll be continuing everything Bush has been doing. Don’t mind what he has been saying during his campaign. Talk is cheap. To win the election, it’s neccessary to give people hope and to tell them what they want to hear. His actual actions in the coming years are going to show you where he really stands. Obama wouldn’t even be a candidate and have so much support from corporations and especially the corporate media if they didn’t know beforehand that he would be protecting and supporting their interests, just like Bush has been doing the last 8 years. Interests of a small but powerful group of people. Remember, today the mere fact that a person is allowed to be running for president in the USA and has the approval of the corporate media and widely backed by corporations, means that he’s one of them. This has been the giveaway of the whole plot but few noticed.

It’s almost too crazy to believe that all of the above is going on and that this is actually allowed to go on by the majority of the global population. Not a single day in my life goes by where I don’t wonder in what kind of a fucking hell-hole I’m living in; surrounded by savages in a world ruled by savages.

Bill Gates has it wrong on our basic human needs

Bill Gates (Photo by Sebastian Derungs)

Bill Gates (Photo by Sebastian Derungs)

It seems that Bill Gates doesn’t fully understand what our basic needs are as human beings. As I wrote in my post on the subject, the ability to connect and communicate with one another is one of the most important of our natural needs. Gates apparently just can’t bring himself to realize what kind of impact connectivity to the Internet will have on the improvement of people’s lives. From here:

Gates described initiatives by Facebook and Google to position online connectivity as a humanitarian concern as ‘a joke’

While Gates, 58, said technology is ‘amazing’, he doesn’t believe it is on the ‘first five rungs’ of basic human needs.

‘I certainly love the IT thing,’ Gates told The Financial Times. ‘But when we want to improve lives, you’ve got to deal with more basic things like child survival, child nutrition.’

‘PCs are not, in the hierarchy of human needs, in the first five rungs,’ he added.

Gates’ comments come just a few months after Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook wants to get more of the world’s more than seven billion people online through a partnership with some of the world’s largest mobile technology companies.

Known as, the initiative was launched in August and also includes South Korean electronics giant Samsung, Finnish handset maker Nokia and wireless chip maker Qualcomm.

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Ideas are bulletproof

Ideas are bulletproof

Today, November 5th 2013, millions of people worldwide will march in the streets of their cities to promote ideas for a new and better world. A world where the freedom of every single individual is truly respected. A world where honesty and the truth are valued. A world where knowledge is free to flow without restrictions, empowering every single human being on this planet, and enabling them to reach their highest potentials.

Even if you are not among those of us marching in the streets today, think long and hard about the world you want to leave behind for your children. Our civil liberties are constantly being threatened; we cannot afford to continue to stand by and watch it happen any longer. The system we live in is fundamentally corrupted. The system is against us. The system enslaves us.


Let us remind this world what it has forgotten; that fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words. A new and higher awareness and collective consciousness is developing on this planet. Nothing can remain hidden.

Knowledge is FREE.
The Corrupt Fear Us.
The Honest Support Us.
The Heroic Join Us.
We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

The Sign

The Sign

The Sign

So there’s this girl that I got to know a while ago. I started talking to her online, found out she had a very nice personality, and it got to a point where I wanted to meet her to see what she’s really like in person. One day I invited her to come along on one of my personal photowalks so that we could meet in person, walk around and chat a bit. She agreed and we decided that we’d do it the following week on a Wednesday in the afternoon at 5 ‘o clock. However at that time we were in the rainy season, so in the days leading up to our meeting the weather was very bad. It literally rained all day long every day. And I can remember her being concerned about the weather, and mentioning that we’d probably not be able to meet. My reply to her each time was not to worry, and that if we were destined to meet on that day, it would happen and the weather would clear up for us. Of course she laughed at me and thought I was being silly. So I told her to just wait and see. And lo and behold, that Wednesday afternoon as the time for our meeting approached, it suddenly stopped raining. Now, just like her, you may initially think that I got lucky, but there’s more.

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Mark Zuckerberg Hates Female Nipples; Loves Decapitations

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like female nipples

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like female nipples

Mark Zuckerberg’s — or Fuckerberg, as I like to refer to him in such instances — war against female nipples on Facebook just got even more hypocritical. From the Guardian:

So now we know. In Facebook’s world, a beheading is OK but an exposed nipple is not. The social media behemoth has decided that a 13-year-old – for that is the permitted minimum age of a Facebook user – can watch a video of a decapitation, but must be protected from the potentially scarring effects of seeing a breastfeeding mother and child briefly pause for breath.

How else to read its latest decision to lift restrictions in place since May and allow users once again to post head-chopping videos, even as it maintains its ban on images of the most mild form of naturally occurring nudity? (“Photos that show a fully exposed breast where the child is not actively engaged in nursing do violate the Facebook terms” is how the site puts it.)

Really, what the fuck is it with Fuckerberg and female nipples? And why is Fuckerberg allowed to get away with such blatant hypocrisy for so long? It’s not just pictures of breast feeding women that get banned on Facebook, but even cartoons and artistic nude photo’s featuring female nipples. Obviously male nipples are perfectly OK seeing as how Fuckerberg’s own nipples were allowed to be shared on Facebook.

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An Unconditional Income for Everyone

The Tin Man

The Tin Man

I saw an interesting article on Business Insider today about a proposal that is being considered in Switzerland to implement an unconditional basic income for everyone living there:

Recently, there has been a spate of popular initiatives designed to curb  inequality in the country. Earlier this year Swiss voters agreed to an idea  proposed by entrepreneur Thomas Minder that limited executive (in his words, “fat cat”) salaries of companies listed on the Swiss stock  market. Next month voters will decide on the 1:12 Initiative, which aims to  limit the salaries of CEOs to 12 times the salary of their company’s lowest paid employee.

There’s a crazier proposal than this, however. Earlier this month an initiative  aimed at giving every Swiss adult a “basic income” that would “ensure a  dignified existence and participation in the public life of the whole  population” gained enough support to qualify for a referendum. The amount  suggested is 2,500 francs ($2,800) a month.

While most observers think that the vote is a longshot, it has certainly  sparked debate — and not just in Switzerland. Writing for USA Today, Duncan  Black said that a “minimum income” should be considered for the U.S.

“It’s pretty clear that the most efficient way to improve the lives of people  is to guarantee a minimum income,” Black concludes.

I often wonder why it is that after all these years, we haven’t managed to figure out how to structure our societies in such a way where every human being on this planet could at the very least have access to the basic human needs for his entire life. Just recently I blogged about why the poor get poorer and the rich continue to get richer, and it’s very clear that this is because of the way the economic system is set up so that a constantly smaller elite benefits from what is essentially the enslavement of the rest of the population. We’ve reached a point now where this abhorrent situation of inequality is not going to be tolerated much longer, and the kinds of developments discussed in the above mentioned article clearly show this.

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When evening comes

When evening comes

When evening comes

I was standing at the waterfront in Paramaribo at dusk about to take this picture, when a homeless guy walked up to me to ask me for some money. He stood next to me while I continued to look at the sky and waited for the light to get more interesting. At the same time I listened to him while he explained that he was really hungry, hadn’t eaten for a while and would really love to buy himself a good meal. He then proceeded to describe in great detail what kind of food he would buy and how he had been longing for a while now to be able to enjoy the taste of such a meal again. I’m used to homeless people asking me for some spare change, but the kind of food this guy wanted to buy would easily cost at least 20 times more compared to what they usually ask for. I got curious and started asking him questions about his background and family, trying to find out how he got into the situation he’s in right now.

After a short conversation during which he answered my questions I put down my camera, reached for my wallet, took out some money and gave it to him. I gave him enough to be able to buy at least two of the meals he described to me. He looked at the money in his hands, looked at me, and then as he clearly started to feel a little emotional and couldn’t look me in the eyes anymore, looked away over the river. Since I’m not very good at handling emotional situations, I looked away over the river too and took another couple of snaps. After a minute or so when his emotions subsided a little he looked at me again and expressed his gratitude with a trembling voice. I gave him a smile and nodded, but started to feel really sad on the inside.

I was already picked up so I told him I had to leave, said goodbye and walked towards the car that was parked further away in the distance. Half way to the car I heard him calling me from behind, so I stopped and turned around. He walked up to me and said, “My brother, be very careful ok? Don’t let anyone ever do you any harm. Ok?” I think I must have looked surprised at first, wondering why he felt the need to tell me that (*), but then I smiled and nodded and continued walking towards the car. I felt more depressed than usual, felt guilty in a way, and started wondering again, as I often do, why I had to live in such a cruel world. I got inside the car and the driver looked at me and asked where I wanted to go. I sighed deeply and answered, “Take me home.”

(*) Days later my dad would tell me about a dream my mom had, where she saw me wading through a very dirty place in thick mud, and told me I should probably be careful. Coincidence? Perhaps. Certainly interesting seeing as how there was a single bird flying high up against the dramatic and stormy looking sky in the above picture.

Steve Wozniak on Education, Intelligence and Truth

Russia Today did a cool interview with Steve Wozniak that you might want to check out. One part that I found interesting was where he talked about learning around 6:25 in:

When I worked for Hewlett Packard designing all the Apple stuff they had a policy in the company that was written, and it said that an engineer could have parts out of his storeroom —  chips and things like that — for devices of his own design with supervisor approval. Well you know what, to borrow a few dollars worth of chips and build something up even for yourself for your home is increasing your mind in a way that you couldn’t get the same sort of learning from a university course and it would cost a lot more.

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Why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer

Global Wealth Distribution

Global Wealth Distribution

Looking at the image of the global wealth pyramid above, it’s sickening to realize what it actually means. As mentioned on Business Insider:

[...] it shows how 32 million people, representing 0.7% of the world’s adult,  population control $98.7 trillion or about 41% of the world’s wealth.

On the base of the pyramid we see that 3.2 billion people, representing 68.7%  of the world’s adult population, control just 3% of the world’s wealth, or about  $7.3 trillion.

The below video also does a great job illustrating this global wealth inequality.

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Fishermen at Dusk

Fishermen at Dusk

Fishermen at Dusk

At a time when it’s very often possible for me to go from being really impressed with a photo I took to thinking it sucks within the scope of just one minute (don’t ask), I think older work that still manages to impress me is probably really special in a way. Especially since I often cringe when I look at my older work. To me this photo has kind of a cinematic feel to it. Certainly the colors and shadows add to the dramatic look. And what makes it interesting are the 4 layers visible that add depth to the photo, the sharpest layer being the main subject — the fishermen heading back to their boat. The other layers are out of focus and have kind of a soft look, making the photo have kind of a dreamy feel to it. What also makes the scene interesting is one of the fishermen in the small boat gesturing with his hand to the other.

I still remember being by myself, quietly standing there and watching this scene unfold. It was a good day.

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