Thank You, Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Dear Dr. Reich, I found out about you and your work recently in December 2013 and have been absolutely fascinated by the research you’ve done on the subject of human sexuality. It quickly became clear to me why you were regarded as one of Dr. Freud’s most promising students. I’m truly disappointed by the fact that I didn’t come across … Continue reading

Year in Review 2013 by Bill Gates

I saw over on Business Insider that Bill Gates blogged about things that he thinks made the world better in 2013. I wanted to comment on his blog post and point out what I think many may not realize. Gates pretends to be doing good around the world, and perhaps some of what he’s doing may be beneficial to some … Continue reading

Exponential Growth in the Fractal Universe

Have you ever wondered how a human being develops itself out of the initial cell in the womb of the mother? More specifically, if you look at the proportions between the various organs and body parts during the growth of the embryo, you can see that every one of them grows at a different rate. In the beginning all of them are roughly … Continue reading

Did Mark Zuckerberg really give $990 million to charity?

I saw a story today on Business Insider claiming that Mark Zuckerberg gave away $990 million to charity. Here’s a quote: This morning, Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to give 18 million Facebook shares to charity by the end of the month. Facebook is currently trading at $55 per share, so Zuckerberg’s gift is worth just under $1 billion. The money … Continue reading

Prisoner 46664 is no more

Ever since Nelson Mandela died yesterday, everyone is quick to pay lip service to him on the Internet, especially on social media websites, mentioning how much of a great man he was and how much they admire what he did for humankind. It makes me sick to witness such hypocritical behavior every time. If you really think Mandela was such … Continue reading

Evan Rachel Wood: “Accept that women are sexual beings”

Here’s another clear example of female sexual suppression in society: A sex scene featuring actress Evan Rachel Wood was cut out of the movie “Charlie Countryman” by the MPAA because apparently it showed oral sex being performed on Wood’s character while she was enjoying herself. Here’s what Wood had to say about this in a series of posts on Twitter: … Continue reading

Apple – The Occult Secrets behind the Brand

Today everyone living in the modern world is familiar with the Apple logo. It’s one of the most popular and recognizable brands, not to mention the world’s most valued brand since 2013, having overtaken Coca-Cola and even Google who are now in the third and second place respectively, according to a study of the Top 100 brands by Interbrand: “Every … Continue reading

Note 2 To Barack Obama: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

In my first note to Barack Obama I had already told him to go fuck himself in connection with his remarks on the Palestinian conflict. Recently he apparently also remarked that he’s “very good at killing people” while discussing the use of drones in counter-terrorist operations in a closed conference with his aides: Two major military-related groups, Officers of Russia … Continue reading

Bill Gates has it wrong on our basic human needs

It seems that Bill Gates doesn’t fully understand what our basic needs are as human beings. As I wrote in my post on the subject, the ability to connect and communicate with one another is one of the most important of our natural needs. Gates apparently just can’t bring himself to realize what kind of impact connectivity to the Internet will have on … Continue reading


Today, November 5th 2013, millions of people worldwide will march in the streets of their cities to promote ideas for a new and better world. A world where the freedom of every single individual is truly respected. A world where honesty and the truth are valued. A world where knowledge is free to flow without restrictions, empowering every single human being … Continue reading

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