Our basic needs as Human Beings

When we look at people in societies around the world it appears that they often have a very complex and diverse set of needs that have to be met in order for them to live their lives in a satisfactory way. Indeed it would appear that all these people are so very different from one another with regards to their needs and desires, even though … Continue reading

Finally, the smart women are here

For a few years now I’ve been noticing a change in thinking and mentality of young women who are, quite frankly, becoming a lot smarter and a lot more courageous compared to older generations of women. This was something that was bound to happen, not only due to the Global Brain, but in the case of women especially due to … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru: An analysis of Akkadian Seal VA/243

The Akkadian cylinder seal pictured above  dates from the third millennium B.C. (it’s at least 4500 years old) and can be found at the State Museum in East Berlin catalogued under VA/243. It’s one of the most ancient cylinder seals that have been found. It shows the god Enlil granting the plow — the knowledge of agriculture – to humankind. Also interesting on this … Continue reading

A World without Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the important causes of issues in our relationships, not only in romantic relationships, but also in friendly and business relationships. But where does it come from, and why are people like this? What causes people to feel envious towards others and begrudge them? Is it human nature? Are we really designed from the very core to envy each … Continue reading

The Holographic and Fractal Universe

I remember when I was around 15 years old in high school, sitting in the classroom during one of my very first chemistry lessons. The teacher — Mr. Altenberg – was discussing the structure and composition of atoms, having a small nucleus in the center and a few electrons swirling around it. He made a rough sketch of it on the blackboard. … Continue reading

Income Taxation enables Colonialism

I recently saw a documentary by VPRO titled “The Tax Free Tour.” You can watch it on Youtube at this link. This documentary basically confirms a couple of the points I made in my post titled “Income Taxation is Slavery,” and more specifically that the income tax actually benefits the rich while the poor and middle class suffer. Due to the … Continue reading

HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

Why would at least two Nobel Prize winning scientists risk their careers and reputations and publicly state that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS? Why would one of the world’s foremost virologists risk his career and reputation and also publicly state that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS? And why is Magic Johnson still alive? It turns out that the HIV=AIDS hypothesis is one of the … Continue reading

Change the World; Be Politically Incorrect

The world we live in right now is a complete mess. I often spend a lot of time on my own thinking about how we got into this mess we’re in right now. It’s a god damned tragedy that I have to be here right now trying to live my life when everything around me is just seriously messed up and working against me. … Continue reading

Why soul mates and perfect partners don’t exist

Many people today are still waiting to find their soul mate, or for the perfect partner to finally show up and fulfill their every desire — desires that they’ve mostly been taught to have by society. Because of the fact that society’s brainwash with regards to love, relationships and sexuality is often specifically targeted at women, it comes as no surprise that the majority of these … Continue reading

Income Taxation is Slavery

I’ve been meaning to write about income taxation for a long time now. Almost a year ago I had written a letter on the issues of income taxation to the President of my country, H.E. D.D. Bouterse, for whom I incidentally also did the official portrait in 2010 after he was inaugurated. It is an open letter which was also published online for everyone … Continue reading

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